Fashion is a fabulous choice if you’ve got your finger on the fashion pulse and you know the knack to set the trend. Our course will help you to discover and explore the fashion sense hidden in you. The course focuses on fashion design concepts, processes, and production. It is complemented by training on business and contextual sessions. Exploratory project works are incorporated to provide an integrated approach that combines creativity with much-needed technical skills.

Admission Open


The aim is to let students develop their individual styles and at the same time, be proficient enough to alter in accordance with the changing needs and trends of the fashion industry.

Fashion illustration & design is aimed to learn various techniques and mediums of fashion designing on paper.
Fabric draping and garment study is aimed to understand the characteristic of various kinds of fabric, body structures and garment stitching and manufacturing techniques. Pattern making and elements of textiles is aimed to understand the fabric manufacturing techniques as well as garment manufacturing technique to suit the body shapes and enhance elegance of garments. 


Career scope


Manufacturing Unit


History of Fashion design and fashion studies are aimed to understand the origin of garments in different countries as well as understanding the current trends in fashion industry. The course also includes the most important aspect of fashion forecast. Digital presentation techniques and various software skills like Photoshop, coral draw and fashion CAD are also inclusive in the course