You are currently viewing Fulfill your Interior Designer Dream here with excellent course

Fulfill your Interior Designer Dream here with excellent course

The word “Interior design” is meant for decorating and renovating the interior look of a building with a new style of art.


Best opportunities for career

Through interior design, you can be eligible to work as an architectural or part of metropolitan development work, Architectural consultancies, resort chains, Malls and exhibition organizers, Building construction, etc. They can also start own Interior design training institute and can build a highly skilled professional career after finishing this course. These are the main opportunities of Interior Designer.


Eligibility for Interior designer course

Mainly the candidates who are interested in this course must be graduates in fine arts.


The candidates need to pass in class 10+2 with Chemistry and Mathematics in order to be eligible for Interior designer course. They can take English along with Biology and Physics subjects. Scoring 55% marks in final exams are mandatory in order to be admitted for this course.


What will you gain from here?

At INIFD Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Ahmedabad, you can learn various themes like Indian Mughal, Victorian, English Georgian, Louis XV, etc for a better utility in Domestic and International interior design field.


The architectural design can be explained as a discipline whose target is to generate plans and proposals for the design of architectural physical presentation and it should be appropriate by implementing latest updated technology in structural systems.


The mission of Interior Design Course is to give an attractive look to an existing building or developing a suitable building or complex in a living space with a successful technical solution.


Important considerations in Interior Design

An Interior Designer emphasize various factors in Interior design such as Technology skill, Experience, creativity, physical environment, organization, functionality, construction and financial budget. All planning and implementation should be done as per long-term plan with safety purpose.


Also, profitable and stable planning is very much mandatory in order to perform architectural design.


Programming Phases of architectural design

This phase includes the system components and customization of shape and size of the required task. Many technical components need to be included such as cardinal orientation, the situation of the land, topographical features, dimensions, services, etc.


The design process consists of a set of diagrams, drawings, texts and drawings to build an efficient architectural design of a building.


The diagram and self-explanatory texts assist the builders to construct a building or other Metropolitan projects such as bridge, malls, etc. successfully.


Hurry up! Admission is open to Interior designing course at INIFD Gandhinagar and build your own career in own hand

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