You are currently viewing INIFD Gandhinagar is heaven for Fashion Designing course

INIFD Gandhinagar is heaven for Fashion Designing course

Proceeding for diploma course after 12th Arts or Science is a fruitful professional career for students. Fashion designing courses in Gujarat University is popular, according to Guju communities and traditions. Gujarati traditional customs are very much popular in India as well as on Overseas market. Even though, Rajasthani communities also design attractive clothes in competition to Gujurati Cloths. But, Fashion Designing courses in Gujarat University promotes the cloths quality and fashion design level in domestic as well as International market.


Easier Diploma Course after 12th Arts or Science

You can do foundation or Diploma and Degree course in fashion designing or Textile Design after 12th Arts or Science easily. But, completion of a degree in Fine art, is mandatory for Fashion design course. But, for interior design courses 55% scoring in 12th Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Maths). But the English language is mandatory for both courses.


For PG in Fashion Design course, Graduation, in Arts or Science is mandatory.



INIFD Gandhinagar Fees Structure

The fees structure of INIFD Gandhinagar has been designed according to course duration taken by students. For Diploma courses in Fashion design or Interior design, fees are different from both Degree and PG courses. So fees structures are designed on affordable basis according to the capacity of students and payment frequency. One time payment will be in the discounted manner and Installment payment will be in a distributive manner.


Overall, the Fees structure of INIFD is affordable for students.


Importance of fashion designing courses in Gujarat University

In Gujarat university, the fashion design course is more affordable and the people are more interested towards fashion and interior design than other regions. Because these people have more creative and innovative smart ideas to create some new design.


The Gujarati women like to wear variety design of clothes every day and hence this preference raises the demand for varieties in the market and hence many clothes go on old stocks. So, in order to reduce old stocks and increase sales, creative fashion designers are required.


In a cultural world such as Dandia Dance festivals and another marriage occasion, many Gujarati Women participate in Dancing and attending marriage party or birthday party or congratulation parties. In these parties, they need some special designs of cloths to attract others attention towards them.


So this is the main reason for an increase in demand for more varieties of designed clothes by women.

So, demand for fashion designing courses in Gujarat University is higher than other states or cities. INIFD Gandhinagar, Gujarat is more demanding college for these types of Fashion or Textile Design Courses.


Importance of Interior design course

The interior designer helps people in getting a well-designed building or construction. An old building can be well designed with an expert designer and the market value of the building can be increased. Gujarati people would like to stay with decorated home and with a colorful surrounding. So Interior design helps them in getting well-designed Buildings with space-saving plans.


INIFD Gandhinagar Fees structure is more inevitable for all level of students.



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