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    Fashion is a fabulous choice if you’ve got your finger on the fashion pulse and you know the knack to set the trend Our course will help you to discover and explore the fashion sense hidden in you. The course focuses on fashion design concepts. processes and production. It is complemented by training on business and contextual sessions. Exploratory project works are incorporated to provide an integrated approach that combines creativity with much-needed technical skills.

    The aim is to let students develop their individual styles and at the same time, be proficient enough to alter in accordance with the changing needs and trends of the fashion industry





    The vibe and pretty dynamic aura is indeed an inclination of artistic skills. It is all about to fashioning an atmosphere to be highly interactive and aesthetically well felt by others. An interior ambiance enriched with the state-of-the-art space, color, furniture and design would truly mirror one’s perception. The technical aspects of any interior layout set within the right place and size are just a sense of mastering it. If you ever feel that sense of transforming technological skills into an inspiring and comfortable environment, the interior design course is just the best career for you. Consolidate your innate desire of being a thriving part of this industry just by enhancing excellence in life to our society as well as yourself.


    Here Is the Reason Why INIFD Gandhinagar Is Best Designing Institute

    The lecturers in my college are very friendly and well knowledgeable. They provide study materials for reference and also have good communication skills, they also gives good advice to the students and we have an affordable fee structure. During class hours we will be having some activities based on our academic / syllabus, which will make us understand the concept even in a better way(practically).

    Sonam Shah Fashion Student

    My student life at INIFD Gandhinagar is one of the best time in my life. This institute is for people who want to pursue fashion designing and interior designing. This institute helps to make great connections in the fashion industry as it provides extensive exposure and helps one to be self- employed too. Faculties are very friendly and approachable. And also got an excellent opportunity to showcase at London Fashion Week,

    Sahid Dani Fashion Student

    The director sir is our best supporter in the college. At any times or means whenever we require their help, he's always there to support us with his cooperative behavior. There are in total 8 classrooms in the college. Out of which, 5 classrooms are for fashion design and the other 3 classrooms are for interior design.

    Vidhi Patel Fashion Student

    This college shaped me as a designer and the person i am today.The faculties are really nice and helpful. They really provide great platform to showcase your talent as well. Overall good experience. Thank you INIFD Gandhinagar.

    Raval Jay Fashion Student

    My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the faculties of INIFD Gandhinagar Institute for their efforts. INIFD Gandhinagar is a best place to learn all types of technical and also interior related skills.The instructors and staff are very encouraging and helpful when it comes to working towards career path. Its a pleasure studying here for me. Proud to say that i have worked in implementation team at Lakme Fashion Week .

    Sunita Goswami Fashion Student

    It's a good College with probably the best possible facilities for Fashion design and also the Interior field.. The faculties are really good, mostly they are friendly and approachable for any problem. Opportunities given here are really awesome. It's a pretty cool experience over here. You can spend some of the best times of your life here šŸ™‚

    Joycee Francis Interior Student

    Proud to be a student of INIFD šŸŽ“ Best institute for learning fashion designing and interior designing... provide the best teaching by intelligent faculty... good atmosphere...and student give adorable work submission.šŸŽ“

    Patel Lochan Interior Student

    My friend is currently studying at INIFD Gandhinagar and she happened to be one of the lucky batch of students who were felicitated by the Indian High Commission of London at the India House London. It is a very prestigious honor to be awarded to any student, and Iā€™m glad INIFD Gandhinagar helped my friend get such a priceless felicitation..

    Vinita Jayarajan Friend Of Student