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Key benefit of joining INIFD Gandhinagar for Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is not just making or designing clothes anymore. In this increasing era, fashion designing has more and more variations in clothes and including accessories such as jewelry, glasses, purses, hats, scarves, and much more. Accessories are included in fashion to give style to dresses.

In India, the new generation of students prefers artistic fields more than common MBA or IT stuff now. People are focused on their dream instead of choosing an inaccurate path which they don’t even like much. India has a big headway for fashion designing students. Fashion designing is a fast-growing and glowing world for artists.

Some of us want to join Fashion designing but they don’t have sufficient details about how to join fashion designing or what to do after completing it. So at this moment, we have some quick fashion designing linked consciousness.

Key benefit of joining INIFD Gandhinagar for Fashion Designing

Eligibility for Fashion Designing

It will be appreciated if you chase your dreams And there are no bounds for people who follow their passion. India has so many options for pursuing Fashion designing including the INIFD Gandhinagar Institute of fashion designing. INIFD Gandhinagar will help you to discover your hidden fashion sense.

Students with passion and willingness to catch their dreams can join INIFD Gandhinagar without any Portfolio, Entrance exam ,or interview Because INIFD Gandhinagar is so encouraging for all students out there.

If you failed your 10th or 12th exam and want to switch your future with the creative World then this is the best way to do it with no boundaries.

Course structure:

INIFD Gandhinagar has easy-going curriculums for understanding Fashion designing from basic. We have a 3months foundation learning program that includes all the fundamentals of Fashion designing. Students who are not from fashion designing background and still want to do it so this will help them to cross their path easily.

After the grip of all principles about fashion designing, INIFD Gandhinagar will take you to the leading schooling. This includes diploma and degree courses which have 1-2 and 3 year time periods. In this course, you will get to learn as under mentioned/

Design process

Designing and development

Fashion styling

Fashion illustration

Garment making

Costume designing



Fashion history

Entrepreneur development

Required skills for fashion designing:

NO Needed… INIFD Gandhinagar will help you with all the skills required to become a Fashion Designer.


Fashion Designing job profiles:

Fashion Entrepreneurship-

Fashion stylist: A fashion stylist is someone who dresses up their client by the perspective of the event, shows, or theme. This includes hairstyle, make-up, etc.

Boutique owner: This one can run retail shops on them own by designing and making clothes or any other fashion accessories. But for this you need a little more money to settle all things together like shop manager, tailor, boutique staff and all.

Fashion consultant: a fashion consultant should know all the fashion trends going on at that time and need that creative mind to discover new trends.

fashion coordinator: This profile is not that much related to designing but the work of a fashion coordinator is to manage marketing strategies.

Fashion Manufacturing units-

Garment Constructors: The constructor has to look up technical accomplishments of sewing, and stitching etc.

Fashion masters: Fashion masters will have to give suggestions over any dress or custom with clients’ opinions.

Quality control: this profile is suitable for the one who has sharp eyes and some good technical skills.

CAD/CAM Designers: These Designers have excellent software skills and they will make illustrations or Fashion Drawings off the paper.


Fashion services-

Fashion faculty: After finishing your fashion designing study you can join as a fashion lecturer in any fashion designing college or institute.

Freelancer: You can join any Fashion designing frame for the short term or else can find your Own clients.

Fashion photographer: Fashion photographers are a much-needed profile for all huge fashion companies so you can apply for them.

Average salary:


The average package for a graduate Fashion designer is 4-5 lakh p.a and for masters, it is 5-6 lakh p.a but this up to your work also because this Fashion designing world is competitive nowadays.

Variations of Fashion Designing:

Leather designing

jewelry designing

accessory designing

Knitwear designing

Apparel production

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