You are currently viewing Looking for any professional course after 12th fail? Join here with INIFD… To get a solution

Looking for any professional course after 12th fail? Join here with INIFD… To get a solution

Many students look for a Fashion designing course after 12th pass. INIFD is the heaven for fashion and interior designing students. Heaven is meant for peaceful, suitable place for your purpose. So, INIFD has that much suitable high-quality infrastructures and international level education styles and teachers to make growth in the career of Designing student.


What is Fashion?

Fashion is meant for style or idea or some changeable things. Any odd thing is a style. The style can be said as a fashion if it is impressive or attractive by some categories of products. The best quality fashion style is always impressive to most people and that will be awarded.


What is Fashion Design?

Fashion design can be said as a design of fashion or design of layout or design of Cloths or Design of Jewelry which is selected by people. The most favorable design can be made by experienced creative or innovative designers. The innovation of new style and design for clothes and Jewelry earns more profits for the company.


Fashion Designing Course is useful for Bollywood or Film, Modeling industry, Textile Industry and Jewelry Industry and many more.


Relation between Fashion Design and Modeling Industry

A fashion designer is very much closely related to the establishment of Models or Film actresses. The beauty queens always become famous for great designs and makeup. Good fashionable, newly designed clothes will enhance the beauty of a model or actresses.


Also, choosing color and design is a basic factor of Fashion design and can be well recognized in competition or modeling ramp show. If one model or actress is looking so beautiful, but her cloth design is so poor, then she may not win the first position in competition because most part of the body of a model will be covered with cloths and it should be beautiful or impressed looking.


For example, Mr. Manish Malhotra is a most favorable designer in the industry and preferred by most actresses and models for their commercial shooting clothes. He has been established as the highest paid fashion designer in the industry.


You can go for fashion designing after 12th Arts or science pass but you must complete a degree in Fine arts.


INIFD Courses Ahmedabad is the best platform, to be established as the multi-talented Fashion designer. It can be said as the professional platform for 12th passed students who are dreaming of earning so early. The Fashion designers will be able to earn huge amount in US$, UK Pound if they will click on the International market through international fashion fairs. If the design of a Fashion designer will be recognized by a foreign visitor, then it will be highlighted in the foreign market and the same Fashion designer will be established in the foreign countries.


At INIFD, Can I apply for any course after 12th fail?

Yes, you can apply for any courses such as Fashion Design or Textile Design or Interior Design at INIFD. But the approval will be decided by Jury of INIFD as per your 10th result record and current score in the 12th record. So, there is a beam of light available for 12th fail students.

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