Newyork Fashion Week

“Farm to Fibre, Fibre to Fabric, Fabric to Fashion, Fashion to Foreign” Said Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi sir. And INIFD Proved it right, For the first time, INIFD Gandhinagar presented a runway show – “Vibrant India” during recently concluded New York Fashion Week. INIFD recreated History for being the first ever Indian Student Body to showcase its Student Designs at New York Fashion Week & London Fashion Week Students of INIFD Gandhinagar were jubilant on their success at most prestigious International platform New York Fashion Week and they celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Mr. Vishal Makwana Centre Director of INIFD Gandhinagar said that “It is a matter of pride for our city as our designs were the part of #VIBRANTINDIA which speaks to the movement, weaves, draping, and all that is unique about Indian textiles. It’s vibrant colors with rich deep hues and fabrics that are one-of-a-kind due largely to the craftsmanship that makes India a powerhouse source for fashion and goods.”

New York Fashion Week is a bi-annual event held in New York City, in which designers, brands, and fashion houses showcase their latest collections to buyers, journalists, and the general public. It is one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks, along with London, Paris, and Milan. New York Fashion Week typically takes place in February and September of each year, and it is an important event in the fashion industry calendar, as it gives designers the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience and build buzz around their collections.

New York Fashion Week is organized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and is a showcase of the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry. During the event, designers present their collections in a series of runway shows and presentations to an audience of industry professionals, buyers, and media. In addition to fashion shows, New York Fashion Week also includes a range of events, such as exhibitions, talks, and parties, which help to promote the creativity and innovation of the city’s fashion scene.

New York Fashion Week is an important event for both emerging and established designers, as it provides a platform to showcase their work to a global audience and build buzz around their collections. It is also an opportunity for fashion industry professionals to network and connect with one another, and for the general public to get a glimpse of the latest trends and styles in the fashion world.