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The fashion industry is one of the great opportunities of our economy

The creative talent of designers and strategic vision of business leaders have placed the industry in the spotlight of the world.


Around fashion, there are career opportunities of all types to ensure the future of those who choose to take up the challenge of a single Fashion academic training in Gandhinagar as the Institute Career Fashion and Textile in the only Campus Design and Technology in our state.


The future of the economy of India goes through this sector, but only professionals with an integrated all learning experiences in the industry will have space in the future. Fashion is design, creativity, and imagination, but also production, distribution, management, communication, and organization.


The professionals in the fashion world have to develop a comprehensive vision that allows them to understand all the creative and production process as a whole, so the University Degree in Fashion Design and Textile, from the third year, diversify its approach to communication or design.


What to study if you want to work in fashion?

If you are the type who has always liked fashion and everything related to it but not yet know that study,  This is the typical career in fashion, is for those who want to engage in the design of clothing, accessories, and shoes, although the latter two are “specialties”. In this race will teach you how to create your own clothing line and design a whole collection.


There are many fashion designing institutes in Gujarat, India where could study, though most combined with textile design to complement.


Fashion Design and Garment Industry. The subjects of the plan will allow you to write fashion, designing clothes, coordinate events and to plan development of catalogs. Where not only have a preparation of design and sketch but also learn marketing theory and focused on fashion.


INIFD Gandhinagar just created the race Fashion Design and Fashion, which is more focused on creating designs that are practical for day to day and have a more critical view of fashion. It sounds incredible!

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