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What is non-textile garments in fashion designing ?

First, we understand what a non-textile garment is:-

We all know what a garment is. Garments are made with different- different fabrics and materials. Generally, we all know that, but time changed, generation changed, people want new things, new experiments, uniqueness in every wear.

Ok, so creativity’s second name is non-textile garment. It’s perfectly suitable for fashion designing. People wear other than fabric materials that’s call non-textile garments. This fashion shows creativity, uniqueness.


It’s possible to make garments without fabric materials?

Yes, it is possible in fashion designing with non-textile garments, people make outfits without fabric materials, and its sound seems interesting?

Yes, all people youngster or even elders are want day by day new things, they want they look different from others ,always prefer creativity in fashion ,non-textile garment is one of unique outfits which are fabulously made with creativity ,ideas.

Now we have question about non-textile materials, what is non-textile materials:-

Example= Newspaper, Led lights, mirrors, wire, bubble wrap, wire etc…

Non-textile parts of animal origin means any part made of down weather, leather, pearl, stones, bone ,which materials are not include in fabric materials they include in non-textile fashion materials

Designers use this type of non-textile materials with different-different methods to show creativity in fashion design and make fabulous garments.

Let’s see some non-textile garments material designs prepared by students of INIFD Gandhinagar;-


You can see it’s interesting to wear and people also like to wear different things, which things make them unique.

We are confused about fabric or non-textile, let’s clear this topic.


What is the difference between fabric and non-textile?

Textile is unfinished product ,fabric is mainly an ingredient mixed with other materials textile standalone unfinished product or they combine with other materials and create something different from others fashion designs .

Fabric is the main ingredient mix with other materials and make finished product. Any material made of interlocking fibers, carpet, any woven knitted fabric is textile, we can also say that all fibers are non-textile fibers, which are used in non-textile garments.

Fabric is what something is made from, especially clothing, in short fabric means woven material, fabrics are made with two processes of weaving and knitting, and there are two main types of fabric: natural synthetic.

In the natural type of fabric silk is the strongest fabric and woolen is weakest .In synthetic fabric denim is the strongest fabric. Non-textile has two types of was natural & second was man made, these two types of fibers are used for non-textile garment.

Natural is the oldest fiber in textiles. Man uses textile method to show her/him creativity in fashion designing with non-textile method.

Non-textile made for many materials have four main sources; – (animal, plant, mineral, synthetic.)

Animal –  (wool, silk)

Plant – (cotton, flax, jute, bamboo)

Mineral  – (asbestos, glass fiber)

Synthetic  – (nylon, polyester, acrylic, rayon)

These four main sources, animal, plant, and mineral are natural, they were artificial fibers made from petroleum.

Non-textile is art:-

What is fashion?

You say something to come up with a new trend, new style, new ideas, new creativity, new themes that we call fashion. Anything make up with creative mindset, new trend, convert old clothes into trendy garments,

Show your creativity to make old to new trends, that’s fashion, anything experiments with clothes and made unique products with your ideas.

Fashion is one of the most craved and advantageous professions in the world today. Fashion is all about creativity and unique ideas with different styles to present. That’s fashion.

Non textile garment is part of fashion designing, they come with new garments ideas with different method fashion design, different materials, make different fashion sense,

Just think you have newspapers and glass stones

What do you do?

Can we make garments using these materials, is it possible to make designer garments with this type of materials?

Yes, it is possible with non-textile garments,   it is totally depend with creative mindset, if you have creativity in your mind, what you have you can make best thing ,if you have newspaper and you wanna do something create design and you have creativity mindset then non-textile is great to make garments, in fashion designing.

You have materials that do not matter if you have knowledge about non-textile garments in fashion design and creative mindset then you can make what you want, with non-textile garments method. Newspaper, stones, weather, leather, wire, lights, packets, nothing matters.

If you know about non-textile garments then you can make creative garments with non-textile fashion design.

Non textile is art if you have creativity, strong mindset, then you make the best non-textile garments. This art comes up with a different mindset, different materials which we can’t use anywhere but with this we make non –textile garment designs.

We can say creativity’s second name non-textile garments.

Here is the video Of Our Non-Textile Garments Fashion Show



Can we make a career in non-textile garments?


Generally this question comes up in our mind, is it good to choose non textile garments in fashion design for career?

I think it’s absolutely yes for it

For now days all people want different things, youngster want daily news updates in fashion they like updated fashion, they don’t want anything to boring them, not even youngster, even elders are include in, they are want see different to others, they want to highlight own self to whole crowd, so they never go with older fashion design, they go with trendy and new fashion trend. Non-textile fashion design is one of them

They garments make without fabric materials, they make with non-textile materials which are not use in any products ex; – mirror

How can someone make a garment with a mirror that’s talented in non-garments designers, they have great mindset, anything they have make it a unique garment. Fashion design wants a daily new implement, non-textile is one of fashion designs which use different materials and make creative garments to come up with new trends.

Increasing modern and western culture in the country has boosted production of this huge demand for which wearing good clothes play an important role ,majorly teenage and youths who tend to follow trends, maintain social status, look attractive which is often judged by fancy, cool fashion designs.And do Not forget To look At More Designs At Our Page INIFD Gandhinagar

It is totally good to choose career in non-textile garments in fashion designing.


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